Where I’ve Been

After only visiting a few countries I already feel privileged to have travelled so much of the world or so little looking at the map below!! But this excites me, it makes me realise how much more I have got to explore and how much I have got to look forward too.

Finding out that I have in fact only visited 6% of the world shocked me completely! But what an amazing 6% that has been and I cannot wait to explore the other 94%, however long that may take.


So far I have visited 7 countries out of 195.

Belgium – Bruges
Croatia – Cavtat, Dubrovnik
England – Manchester, Scarborough, Chester, Cheshire, York, Dumfries and Galloway, Windermere, Ravenglass, Eskdale, Edale, Muncaster
Netherlands – Amsterdam, Rotterdam
Slovenia – Lake Bled, Ljubljana
Spain ā€“ Menorca
Turkey- Kusadasi

Tunisia ā€“ Port El Kantoui

So where is next?
Well for Christmas I am heading over to Austria! I have been in love with Austria since stumbling across a picture that looked like t had been pulled straight from fairy-tale but Austria at Christmas, with the snow will be Magical! Then next year we will begin our travels around the world, hopefully starting with Dubai, then through to Bangkok, around Thailand and then wherever the wind may take us, we don’t have any plans set in stone as I am guessing things will change and I don’t want to feel tied down to an Itinerary, whatever happens I am sure that it will exciting.


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