The Beautiful City of Ljubljana

As my sandal reached the pavement my eyes began wondering at the high rise buildings, kebab houses and graffiti covered walls and I wondered if it was possible I was in the wrong city – Bearing in mind this was the first time I had used a bus in Slovenia and I don’t even use buses at home!

The city that had been described as ‘Architecturally Beautiful’, the town that I had read so many brilliant reviews about. I must have gotten off at the wrong bus stop, surely?

But the big sign with the words ‘Ljubljana’ confirmed otherwise and as tempted as I was to turn straight back around onto the bus and head back to Lake Bled I decided to explore and see what this city really had to offer.

This turned out to be the best decision I could have made.

Pink Building

This city actually really surprised me, one minute your walking through what appears to be an everyday city and then your taken aback when you step into what appears to be a parallel universe.

A city filed with beautiful pastel coloured buildings, stunning water fountains and an emerald green river running through the centre – It was magical.

Emerald River

This was by far one of the most beautiful cities that I had ever been too and the saying ‘Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover’ stands so true in this amazing city.

Street View

We spent hours strolling through the city, admiring its beauty, wandering over the numerous bridges, sitting in riverside cafes, adding our initials to a love lock and then adding it to the love bridge. Cheesy I know but I am a hopeless romantic at heart!

Love Locks

Bands played on most corners of the city and the city had the most amazing atmosphere about it, how could one city as small as this grab you with both hands, pull you in and make you not want to leave?

Just Beautiful.

Centre Square

Ljubljana showed me another side to Slovenia, a side with posh department stores and plenty of people, a true city centre if you like but yet another part of Slovenia that I could not fault…

River View


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