Historic City of York

As I strolled along the tiny cobbled streets, with angled buildings hovering above my head and history on every corner I turned, I knew at that exact moment that I was in York.

I turned in amazement as I caught a glimpse of the church towers and as excited as I was to see it, I couldn’t help but stop every couple of metres to catch a glimpse of this beautiful city.


A city that is full of history, chapels, castle walls, roman baths and of course, the legend that is Guy Fawkes. Who we can thank for the British tradition of ‘Bonfire Night’.

I was overwhelmed, how can a city be this beautiful, this historic, I felt like I had just stepped back a couple of hundred years. The sights, the smell, the sounds – the atmosphere is like no other.
York grabs you with both hands and pulls you in, and once you have stepped inside them castle walls believe me, you don’t want to leave!


There are hidden treasures all around, traditional pubs, roman baths, a railway station with steam trains chugging along the tracks and even castle walls which you can walk along and see the sights from above.
Once you have explored all of the hidden treasures you can even enjoy tea, cakes and chocolates in the little tea rooms which seem to pop up on most of York’s street corners including my favourites of them all – Betty’s Tea Room and Slatterys!

Whilst we were in York we visited every museum and even visited the terrifying York Dungeons! Yes every museum, in two days – we must be mad! But I was going to make sure that I didn’t miss anything! The museums were amazing especially the Roman Baths under a pub that were only found when the owner wanted to build a larger wine/beer cellar, amazing right?

is full of surprises and there is always something to do and somewhere to explore. We rode on the Wheel of York and got a bird’s eye view of this wonderful city which was as amazing meters above the ground as it was below, steam trains travelling along the railway by the side of us and the church towers standing tall and beautiful in the background.


It is no secret that I dislike crowds but even the hustle and bustle of York did not in the slightest put me off, this is a City Centre remember?

York is a city that will always hold a special place with me; this was mine and Richards’ first mini break together on Valentines and I could not have picked anywhere more perfect to start our travelling adventures together….

What historic cities have you been to? Have you visited York yourself? & where did you and your partner have your first mini break/holiday together?


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