Dubrovnik from Above

As the ‘taxi’ pulled away from the harbour I knew this was it, we were off to see the wonders that Dubrovnik had to offer. 160 Kuna and 90 minutes later we were there and if they call that a ‘taxi’ in Croatia then I would love them to offer this service at home..

90 minutes of relaxing in the sun and soaking up the sights, you almost forget that you are only on this boat to get to another destination.


As we pulled into the busy harbour of Dubrovnik the reality of how popular this city was hit me! There are tourists everywhere, you are pushed along with the crowd and there is always someone taking photos with in about a metre of you (Guilty as Charged!!).

Regardless of how ‘Touristy’ Dubrovnik it is also one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Surrounded by castle walls, pools of orange rooftops, a stunning harbour filled to the brim and the architecture just Out of this world.


& The best way to see Dubrovnik? From above..


The walls cost the surprisingly small amount of 70 Kuna, I think this would be more but they compensate you for the never ending steps that it takes to get to the top, they could probably use this place for those wanting to loose weight – I am convinced I entered the walls about 4 pound heavier then I came off.

When you finally reach the top and see the beautiful scenery that takes your breathe away, you realise, it was all worth while! The array of colours is amazing, orange rooftops with the clear blue sea shimmering in the background and the bright green trees from the Island set just off Dubrovnik.


Dubrovnik is stunning on the ground but from this unique angle it is something else, no words would do Dubrovnik justice. You never imagine that a city so beautiful on the ground could look so spectacular from above.


You can see the waves crashing against the rocks along the castle walls, you can see the ships sailing in and out of the harbour, you see parts of the city that you never thought were imaginable and you realise that you never want to leave these spectacular views.

There are a couple of cafes along the wall that make the walk around Dubrovnik feel a little touristy at times and bring you back to the reality that you are in a city but I can imagine these cafes are lifesavers for people who hadn’t brought drinks with them! One thing I would advice you to do!


After walking past canons, staring for hours at the wonderful views and loosing weight in the meantime I was sad to see the end of the walls but the walk around Dubrovnik Castle walls is one that will stay with me for the rest of my life and one that everyone should see…

A Beautiful City at its Best!


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