King & Queen for the Night

As we turned into the ‘drive’ it finally hit me – This was it!

We were finally here and if the large stone built castle entrance didn’t make me realise this then the sign ‘Welcome to Peckforton Castle’ certainly did.

Castle Entrance

I have an obsession with Castles, I love knowing all the history surrounding them and the thought that this was once someone’s ‘home’ amazes me. Britain is famous for its castles, right? And I was going to be staying in one for the night.

Castle 1

Me and Richard were going to be ‘King and Queen’ for the night – How exciting?

Surrounded by snow-capped woodland we continued our drive up the long road towards the castle and there it was, the castle in all its glory, lit up and unbelievable stunning. We crossed over the large drawbridge and into the centre court of the castle.

Here we were greeted by a large knight, well, a wooden one at least.

Wooden Knight

If the outside was beautiful then the inside was something else, I entered the reception area and felt like I had stepped back in time. The huge ceilings, large chandeliers, luxurious tapestry around the room and the biggest fireplace I have ever seen.


I just couldn’t take in how amazing this castle was and how traditional too, walking towards my room I stumbled upon my knight in shining armour and climbed tiny spiral staircases.

It was magical.

Knight in Shining Armour

This place needed to explored and I was going to do it.

After feeling like a princess with my roll top bath and large seated windowsills in my bedroom it was time we had some fun. We had booked an experience session which included Shooting, Archery and Falconry. We were ‘trialling’ this session to be honest and we were the second people to be taking part.

Harris Hawk

It was brilliant, an hour and half of shooting arrows, pellets and flying a Harris Hawk. What more could you want? I just had to write a whole post on this ‘session’ as it was an experience I will never forget and you can read that here.

Snowy Woodland

After the amazing session we had, we needed to begin exploring the castle and its ground so with our hiking boots at the ready we headed away from the grounds and into the snow covered woodland. The grounds were seriously magical, they didn’t have fancy flowers or pathways but it didn’t need it, we explored the woodland for hours and hours and came across some interesting things..

Cottage in Woods

We found this cottage which looks as though it has just been abandoned, the rooms were still divided out and there was even a fireplace, it had the lovely pond next to it and I instantly wanted to renovate it and move in! But sadly I don’t think that was going to happen so we continued on our walk.

View 1

We then came across what appeared to be a viewing point although I don’t think it was meant for that, we could see for miles and miles and could not only see our castle from above but another castle situated a couple of miles away. It was wonderful!

View 2

Sadly we then had to turn around and head back to castle as we had been exploring for a fair few hours and my feet had blisters (New Hiking Boots) so back through the lovely woodland we began to walk only to realise…

We were LOST!

We had taken a wrong turning somewhere along the lines and had managed to get lost so we just continued to follow which way we thought was right and we ended up on a main road which I recognised from a wrong turning on the way to castle!

It was lovely, little thatched cottages and hedges all along the road. After a couple of minutes we were back at the entrance to the road leading to the castle but could now see this in all its glory. It was beautiful and we even stumbled across a small building just a few yards from the entrance, we were intrigued. You could not get inside the building but it was lovely from the outside and we had to think for a while why it was there and what it was.

Sadly to this day we still do not know?

It was then time to leave this wonderful place and I was so sad to leave, I wanted to be a queen even a princess just for one more night…


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