The Netherlands

The other side of Amsterdam!

What do you associate with Amsterdam?

Cannabis and Prostitutes, Right?

These are two things that I seriously dislike. So remind me why I was going to Amsterdam again?

Ams 1

Because I want to visit a city that was different from all the rest, one that throws me out of my comfort zone and Amsterdam was that place. As I dragged my suitcase along the cobbled canal side pathways I realised why I had come to this place, it was beautiful! Canals ran continually throughout the city and the architecture was stunning.

Ams 2

I began to wonder why this city has a reputation for stag parties when it was so peaceful and nice. Then I took the wrong turning and ended up right in the middle of the Red Light District! Whichever way I turned there were half naked (or naked!) women offering their ‘services’ and I wanted to be out of their as quickly as possible. What was I saying about being out of my comfort zone?

Ams 5

After eventually finding our hotel, two hours and the red light district later we dumped our cases and headed out to explore. We then managed to become lost AGAIN! Mainly down to the fact that most streets look the same and the map we had was rubbish. So I took charge and decided we were going to the Zoo and after a couple of wrong turnings we arrived at Artis Zoo.

If you click on the picture below it will take you to my post on Artis Zoo, it was so amazing that it without a doubt deserves its own post and that’s what it got…

Ams 7

After exploring Artis Zoo for hours we then headed back to the hotel – narrowly being hit by about a million bikes! We then prepared ourselves for Amsterdam Nightlife! If Amsterdam is beautiful in the day then it is Mind-blowing at night. Every canal and bridge was lit up by so many lights and the city’s lights reflected off the water in the canals, it was beautiful and this was when I enjoyed Amsterdam the most.

Ams 3

The next morning we headed out but this time with our trustworthy new map that we were given by the hotel, we wanted to visit Anne Frank’s house so off we wandered to explore but when we arrived there to find the queue was two hours long we sadly had to turn away as time was not on our side. We decided to head in the opposite direction to see the amazing work of Van Gogh.

Ams 6

Whilst heading to view Van Gogh masterpieces we stumbled across the Ice Bar that we had tried to visit the night before but it was fully booked! So we decided to do a slight de-tour and bought ourselves two tickets to the 4D Ice Experience. It may have only been 11 o’clock but drinking at this time when your holiday is allowed, isn’t it?

Ams 8

I had always wanted to visit an Ice Bar, it was always on my list of ‘To Do’ so I was more excited than a child in a sweetshop. Although it was an experience I was left feeling slightly underwhelmed by the whole ‘Ice Bar Experience’ the best part was in fact dressing like an Eskimo and having our picture taken on an ice thrown.

Ams 10

I am not going to pretend I am a lover of Art because I am not but after studying Van Gogh for two years in high school I couldn’t wait to see his work in person. To think the amount of times I had looked at copies of his work and in books but this time I was seeing the beautiful work in the flesh.

Ams 9

The Hermitage museum was temporarily showcasing the Art work and security was HIGH! There is more security than at the airport but you can understand why. The pieces of art work were amazing and I felt like I had achieved something by seeing this work – sounds strange I know but Van Gogh managed to get me through my Art GCSE! There is a STRICT no camera policy so sadly I could not take any pictures, shame I know.

Amsterdam as a city has so much to offer, I thought being a quiet, like to explore couple we wouldn’t have enjoyed it but we really did! It blew me away and I think everyone should visit this city one day…Beautiful is the word I feel sums up this city best.

Ams 4

The question I am sure everyone would like to ask – Would I visit Amsterdam again?

Well..YES, I would! I was disappointed that I didn’t ride a bike around Vondelpark or I didn’t see the Anne Frank house, I didn’t even visit the sex museum which isn’t my cup of tea but would be interesting I suppose, so I hope one day that I can return and do the things I sadly didn’t have time to do first time around.


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