Cavemen for the day!

Being a lover of Caves and all things that are a little out of the ordinary me and Richard decided one day to take a trip to Blue John Cavern. Blue John Cavern is in Castleton, Derbyshire so it was just over an hour’s drive from where we live which was ideal in case it wasn’t as good as we had expected. I had been to Blue John’s when I was a child and remember being amazed by the caves and all its glory so I was rather excited to be going back.

BJC - 2

We pulled into a car parking space and if it wasn’t for the huge sign you wouldn’t believe it was as there is only a very small building that looks like a ‘house’ so after realising that this was the right place we then headed down the pathway and towards the small building which turned out to be the gift shop and the place you are able to buy your tickets and wait until the next tour.

BJC - 3

We purchased our tickets and headed down into the caves after only waiting about 10 minutes for the next tour. The caves are dark and lit only be electric lights, it is wet and the steps can get slippery so they advise you to have suitable footwear – luckily I did!

BJC - 6

After heading down each set of steps you then stop for a little break and to admire the caves in all their glory – it was as beautiful as I remembered and it is amazing to think this is still a working mine! 360 foot underground we finally reached the bottom and they definitely save the best to last.

It is the biggest open area of the caves and I have never seen anything like this, it is so hard to get photos you need to see it in person but very worthwhile. I have tried to get the best pictures possible but it was really hard as the caves aren’t very ‘photogenic’ they need to be seen!

BJC - 5

But then once you have finished being astonished by these amazing caves you have the walk back up the steps which isn’t the easiest – the only downside to this place but the caves look completely different again when walking up – it’s like a separate set of caves. Just as beautiful but looks so different from a different view.

BJC - 4

This is a beautiful place to visit and so interesting!


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