In Love with Bruges

The Moment I fell in love with Beautiful Bruges…

It was coming up to Valentine’s day and we decided on a mini break to Bruges, we booked the P&0 mini cruise plus an extra night which gave us two days and one night in Bruges. We booked one of the more expensive hotels in Bruges and that was probably the best decision we have ever made.

We began wandering the streets of Bruges and wondering what we would make of the city, well from the minute we arrived I was in Love! Not just slightly but head over heels in love with a city like you could never imagine. I cannot believe how perfect a town can actually be.

Bruges, Canal View

Firstly there are hardly any cars, Bruges does not have traffic lights, road markings or road signs, and maybe this is because its main traffic supply is Horse and Cart. From the minute you wake up until the minute you got to sleep you can hear the hooves clocking against the cobbles, it is just like stepping back in time.

Bruges, Street View

I knew the moment we got there we would for sure be taking a ride through the city by Horse and Cart…how romantic? There was so much to explore and every inch of Bruges amazed me. The people were so friendly, the chocolate shops on every corner, the ales, the list is just endless.

500 Types of beer!

The city is one of the most picturesque I have ever been too, but it’s magnificent in every other way. We found a little Tea Room/Chocolate shop on our first day and stopped for an afternoon snack, it was so lovely.


We wondered around all of the beautiful cobbled streets and explored some of the museums (We bought a museum pass which costs around 15 Euro and gives you entry to 90% of the museums, including the Belfry. We then headed back to the hotel over Lovers Bridge and into a hotel that words cannot describe.

Our amazing hotel!

We got ourselves ready for the night and then headed out into what appeared to be a ghost town; we even headed up to the main square in Bruges and only saw two people! Like our own little piece of heaven. After eating we headed back to the hotel and watched the movie ‘Bruges’, along the way pointing out places we had seen that day and getting excited for what the following day would bring.

Church, Sunrise

The next morning soon arrived and I was so disappointed to leave, I was in love with this town and I knew I wanted to make the most of this day, we went to some chocolate shops, bought bags of chocolate – Cheap and Delicious, we then headed up to the Belfry which we were going to climb the 366 steps to the top (Hardwork but very worthwhile.) The views were Spectacular to say the least, even in Bruges’ freezing temperatures.

View from Belfry

We then took a romantic Horse and Carriage ride around the city, it was an experience that will stay with me for a lifetime. Trotting along the streets taking in the city I loved more than any other, who could I ask for any more than that?

Horse and Carriage

Before our departure of Bruges we headed towards lovers lake and again I fell in love even more, it was beautiful and the people of Bruges believe if you throw money into the lake you will have everlasting love, how true this is I’m unsure.

Lovers Lake

Then sadly my love affair was over and I had to return home but one day in the not so far future I know I will be back in this one of a kind city. Bruges – I love you


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