Scarborough…I do like to be beside the Seaside!

Scarborough is a seaside resort in England that has so much to offer, it has the sea, the beach, a fairground on the pier, numerous boats, cafes, pubs, a lighthouse, gardens and a castle.

Scarborough 2

Many people wouldn’t think of going to a seaside resort in Britain – mainly due to the weather! But rain or shine Scarborough is an amazing place to visit and explore. We spent two days in Scarborough and what a wonderful time we had, much better than we thought we would actually.

Scarborough 3

We firstly wanted to explore the castle so off along the seafront we wandered, the walk from each end takes about 30-45 minutes (Yes, longer than it looks) but the walk is really nice. The sound of the waves crashing against the beach and little cafes and pubs along the way make it really enjoyable.

Scarborough 4

Scarborough is like a traditional English holiday from the 60s, you really feel like you have stepped back in time. It is so traditional and I think that makes this place stand out from most other British seaside resorts. After climbing up a mountain of stairs we reached the castle and the views from the top were amazing.

Scarborough 9

After exploring the castle and the lovely church situated behind we then found a little café on one of the cobbled side streets – a little bit of heaven if you ask me! We had Coffee and cakes and began heading back to the sea front and towards the Gardens. I had heard about these gardens before and was told they were lovely so off we headed to explore.

Scarborough 5

The gardens are a lovely walk and I can imagine look stunning in any weather, there are a large variety of flowers, a fountain, a stand and a walk down a pathway towards the sea which crashes against the cliffs. We walked through the gardens and towards the cliff where we sat on the rocks and just listened to the waves crashing.

Scarborough 8

We headed back to the hotel and after an amazing meal we then went for a midnight wander through Scarborough and it was just as beautiful at night. The lights look amazing against the sea and the town is so peaceful you can hear a pin drop.

Scarborough 6

On the second day we head out towards Peasholme Park which I had been looking forward to for weeks, it is a Park that has a Chinese theme. It has lanterns hanging all around the park which are lit up at night and if you climb up the steps to the top of the park (Like a hill in the centre of the park) you will see a themed garden which is something really unique.

Scarborough 7

They have dragon peddle boats you can hire and ride around the pond avoiding the ducks may I add! Overall a wonderful park that is different that you usual everyday park

To sum up Scarborough…A traditional English Holiday with a Twist!


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