Chatsworth House

Chatsworth House, England is a National Trust Heritage Site that amazed me from the minute we began our adventure up the drive. You are driving down a lovely country road and get an amazing view of the house in all its glory with the large water fountain spurting up from behind. From the minute we began the drive towards the house we knew we were going to have the most amazing time.

Chatsworth House - Drive

We then began exploring the gardens and your first thought is where to start? They are HUGE and there are so many different elements of the gardens we were so excited and wanted to see it all Now! We started off wondering towards the maze and up towards the gardens pond, even though you know what you are expecting you are suprised everytime you turn the corner. An amazing range of flowers, tree, mazes, waterfalls – I cannot put into words the beauty of the place.

Walk to Waterfall

After seeing the beautiful pond, climbing the waterfall (behind the waterfall there is an area for you to climb – not the easiest climb but the view from the top is well worth it). From the small balcony at the top the view is beautiful, nature at its best!

View from Waterfall

We continued our adventure and the gardens I must say have an element of suprise, statues in places you wouldnt believe, peaceful quite paths, benches every couple of minutes for you to rest and recover. We also stumbled across this wishing well so out came our pennies and we made our wish…

Wishing Well

After making our wishes, although our wishes for an amazing day had certainly come true we began heading towards the house – I know, we hadnt even got to the main attraction yet! Before you reach the house you are confronted by the ‘fountain’ which is just stunning. A large pond which has ducks in and a large fountain that is taller than Chatsworth House itself!

Chatsworth Fountain

On the day that we went it had been raining for about 4 months before (Typical British weather!!) so the pond had overflowed. It wasnt the easiest thing walking around the pond as it had grown about 4 metres wider on each side but eventually we reached the house.

Chatsworth house

When we arrived at the house I realised that it certainly lived up to the expectations that the Gardens had set, the sheer beauty of this house is astonishing and it is amazing to explore. From the minute you step in the house you are taken back in time and you really do get a true feeling of history.

Entrance Hall

When you first enter the house you are greeted by a carriage which would have once been the families only mode of transport (even though im sure why you would want to leave this place) the ceilings are inspirational and the every piece of the house is beautiful. Every chandalier, piece of furniture, fabric etc was wonderful.

Chatsworth Water

Trying to sum up Chatsworth House…English Heritage at its very best!


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